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*Together we Grow*

From: Socrates Socratous

Dear Friend,

Our new 2 tier affiliate program gives you the ability to promote our fast selling products through the use of banners, text links, and other marketing methods, without being obligated to provide any form of customer support to your referrals.

"I Give Half of my Income back to you..."

When a potential client clicks on your affiliate link, they are automatically forwarded to one of our sales sites. If the client purchases, I will pay out 50% of the purchase price to you and your sponsor. That means you will receive a 30%-40% commission and your sponsor will receive the remaining 10%-20. I share my profits Half - Half. I will also take care of ALL the customer service so the only thing you will have to do is what you love the most; Promote and Pocket the cash!

Even if your customer decides not to purchase on that day, but returns on some other time and buys, YOU will still get credited with the sale. Our new technology uses IP logging and "cookies" and with our "P3P Compact privacy Policy" we make sure the cookies will get set. This means no more lost sales. Our cookies are guaranteed to last for a MINIMUM of six months (180 days).

You can also promote our affiliate program to recruit sub-affiliates. Every person you refer that signs-up for our program, automatically becomes your sub-affiliate. You will make a commission ranging from 10% - 20% on EVERY sale is referred by THEM. So if you are lazy to constantly promoting our products, you can recruit an army of sub-affiliates and cash in on their sales. Once you sponsor enough people, you can sit back and watch your money rolling in.

How does it work?

When a potential client hits your affiliate link, they are 'marked' with a cookie on their system or we store their IP address in our database. This identifies you as the referrer for the commission. You are not expected to provide any type of tech support or even own the product. It's absolutely FREE for you and for your clients to join.

After you sign-up for FREE, you will be provided with a username and password to access our member's only area. There you will find your affiliate code, links, banners and all the necessary tools to start promoting immediately. All questions and concerns you may have, I will answer. I will even help you with any marketing questions and I will give you useful tips that will help us succeed. Tips you can even apply to your existing business and increase your profits.

You deserve to be paid for the work you do (and for the work others do for you). You know you have the ability to get people to work for you. It only takes the same amount of effort to get people to buy a product and to get people signup to sell a product. Or you can do both at once. You are a good marketer and thinker and that is the main reason you read so much of my letter. Signup for FREE today and start putting together your own team of sellers. Your success lies within you. Unleash it.

Your partner in success,
Socrates Socratous

P.S Remember:"Together we Grow"